Wednesday, May 10, 2006

NO doesn’t exist in Uganda…

Ugandan’s are reluctant to say no. If you take a Boda-Boda (moto-taxi) and you ask for a place they will first get you on the motorcycle then they will figure out if they know where they are going. Last time we asked carpaccio as starter in a restaurant, they brought us mozzarella. We said that we didn’t order that: they answered that electricity was gone and they couldn’t use the machine to cut the carpaccio. But they brought mozzarella. You can take it or you can leave it. We also went to make business cards at a print shop. We had the illustrator file and the pdf file. We entered a really tiny shop and against the back wall there was a person surrounded by another 4 people in front of a computer. We ask if they could make business cards. We gave them the usb and the guy opens the folder. They invite us to pass behind the counter because someone wanted to eat his lunch on the counter. The computer doesn’t have illustrator so they basically can’t work with it. Anyhow the guy continues opening and closing the file, open, close, refresh, close, open, right button open with… The guy next to him looked like the boss, and he looked confident in his employee. We could have stayed there for hours if we didn't suggest to the guy that we come back with the Microsoft Publisher file he needed.

It is difficult to do research and get the real context and user information we want to know. They partly will answer what you want to hear or what they think you want to hear. We are trying to find creative ways to discover the real thoughts and real struggles of the people. We have a lot to learn in the process.


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It's about access, you missed it.

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