Tuesday, May 02, 2006

No words no pictures

Yesterday first day of trip, we landed at 5 in the morning. Humid and hot temperature, clothes are too much. While waiting for the visa we see the biggest insect we have ever seen in our life. The body starts getting used to the humidity and feeling good. We got our visa and looked for transport to Kanpala. First choice Taxi, second choice Matatu (shared bus taxi with other 15 people). The Matatu stops on every corner to take people and leave people. A really flexible way of transport. And the documentary starts, 1 hour of Matatu from Entebbe to Kanpala: Cale can't close his mouth (I can't close mine either) and we stay attached to the window looking to the reality in front of us. Everything is changing its definition: is that a car? Was that a house? Is that a... And we just smile


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