Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Trip to Soroti 5 hours...

We headed towards Soroti on Monday. 5 hours of bus drive from Kampala if everything goes well. We jumped on to the bus and waited, and waited, and waited till the 73 seats were full (+ some additional children). Before the bus started a woman approached us and asked if we were Jon and Cale. Moses, our contact in Soroti had sent her to take care of us. The bus started and the shaking also. Some bumps in the road put our ass up in the air. Food was offered in every stop through the window: fried chicken, beef, corn, water, coke… After around 3 hours of driving the bus stopped: mechanical problems. We got out of the bus and the conversation starts around the “muzungus” (us). People are very eager to talk to us and we like it. The bus never started and we took a “matatu” (shared taxi) to Soroti. Total drive: 9 hours. Moses was waiting for us.


Blogger Kirsten said...

Hi Jon,

just a quick note from me; absolutely amazing what you experiencing at the moment.

Hope you value it and you both enjoy this special journey, must be part of your Ithaca,


1:00 PM  

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