Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Invisible children

Being Mzungu and being invisible is something impossible. I was walking yesterday around the center of Kampala looking for a "fast" internet cafe. I asked a Ugandan with a tie about a suggestion and he helped me till one in town. He started asking me the typical questions like what are you doing here and so on... After a short brief on Kiva and the "woman willing to buy a cow" example he presented himself and invited me for a chat that night. He happened to work in the parliament.

I asked Cale what chances do I have when I go to US to meet someone in the parliament if I'm not shaved, wear old sandals and some bracelets, I guess none the same as Spain. It looks like Uganda is a coutry with opportunities being Mzungu.

We also met some people from the "invisible children" documentary this week. Life in Africa is making some (thousands) of bracelets for the DVD. It looks like a nice story sells. Kiva, Inv. Children... Is all about nice stories isn't it?


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