Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Time for reflexion

We have been relaxing and working at the same time in lake Bunyoini south-east part of Uganda (6 hours bus if the driver doesnt stop for every person in the road+some vegetable shopping that make the trip 8 and a half hours).

Lake Bunyoni is the deepest lake in Uganda and for some reason it has no mosquitoes which makes it even nicer. We have been putting all the research in a report working with our laptops in front of the lake. Some kind of idyllic working situation. Between chapter and chapter we decided to take a canoe (or a tree with a hole) and test our team building capabilities. Cale! Right, Cale right!! Caaaaaaaaale... Joder. We said we were going there no?

Anyhow, we arrived to some of the nicest places we have visited in East Africa. Beautiful islands with nice local people. We got even a tour to one of the mountains which was done by "hello my friend" Roger who asked for "one thousand" after the walk. We decided to test friendship next time before we get in a guided walk: - Ei Cale I forgot the money, do you have money? Oh, no! Ok it doesnt matter...

We have started to work with Life in Africa already and things are rolling. We have kind of "automatic pilot" context research process already and we are testing new tools with the group. We bought some disposable cammeras to ask them to take their own pictures of their context. Let's see how it goes.

Ah, and we bet who was going further in the World Cup Spain or US. What do you think? Je,je...


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