Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Human focus?

I arrived in Seattle and wanted to be supportive with the passport loss of Cale so I lost my digital camera (or it was stolen I would prefer to say). After a nice walk in the city I took a bus to the Microsoft paradise in Redmond and got surprised with all the TUDelft crew that was there. Some students had participated in another design competition and we enjoyed some delicious beers in one of the Microsoft's gardens.

Today we had our conference day at Microsoft. Hardcore technical stuff: .Net application, Windows mobile and lots of programming tips for it but we also had the chance to give a fast presentation of our result and had feedback "could you put the presentation in this flash disk?" JC also arranged a meeting with one Daniel Makoski who is responsible for Windows emerging markets and one of the (few) designers in Microsoft. We shared presentations and he showed some of the work they have done on the topic with a well known Dutch company (the world is small).

After the technical presentation, an open discussion was held and the issue of how to bridge social issues with technology was raised. "We need multidisciplinary groups that combine different expertise", "technology push is not the only answer to solve social problems", "we need a bridge between engineers and ethnographers". My brain couldn't stop with the word: design, design, design... I was glad to see that we still have tons of work to do.


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deja de ponerte el boli en la boca en los meetings i conferencias tioo!

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