Thursday, July 13, 2006

We are moving

We have spent a week already working with Kiva and we realized that our experiences in East Africa don't differ so much from our experiences in the US. First we are getting charged too much for fruit. In Africa it was because we are white and here there is no explanation. We are hosted like royalty (I'm blogging looking to the San Francisco bay and I had a visit from some deer while eating my breakfast this morning). Workshops are delayed (first trial with Kiva yesterday but the projector was not working). Spartan office environments. Kiva just moved in to their new office so not much clutter at the moment. Despite being so close to a Wifi empowered city we are having connectivity problems but we have grown quite used to it. I tried to upload photos here but it didnt work.

Things are moving along, we hope to have our first workshop tomorrow with all the Kiva crew. Power point, pictures, videos and some African experiences to share. We hope to define what to do until the 2nd of August in order to be tested when back in Africa. We have already begun dialog with staff and judging from their response thus far we are looking forward to giving them everything we've got tomorrow.


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