Monday, August 07, 2006

We are back

We arrived back to Kampala, somehow to our home within our homeless project. Mzungu party was going on in our garden but we didn't have much energy for it. I took Kelsey out yesterday in Kampala, Cale had to work fir the graduation report. We couldn't fit in the matatu in our way back, Kelsey got excited with the vegetables in the market and I would not stop her, so we decorated our kitchen with all kind of fruit and vegetables.

Today we had our first visit to Life in Africa. Extremely warm welcome and a comment: Jon! You are bigger! ABE (American Burrito Effect). But they also had new items. Peter and Monica (LiA credit officers) have new phones: Nokia with camera and MMS capabilities. They were faster than us. We can already try to test tomorrow with Peter our first: Miracle Mobile Solution. Anyhow some things haven’t changed. We expected to have a meeting today with everybody to explain our plan. Monica left to the bank 7 hours ago and still hasn’t come back. We are waiting (and Kelsey experiencing her nothing to do feeling for first time), will try to explain our plan when she comes back.


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