Tuesday, May 02, 2006


My jaw was open the entire ride from Entebbe airport to Kampala. Videos and pictures can only help so much to paint a picture. The woodstove smoke is strong and the birds are loud. Jon's role play tools need some more development to adequately prepare visitors. It was very exciting to have a place to go immediately upon arrival and catch up on some missed sleep. Before we could call Brita we got poured on and that was at the point where we had just been dropped off without a clue where to find a phone to call her. We paid a passerby to use his mobile to get in touch with Jon’s friend Brita.
We are staying in Malenga, an area where every aid organization on the planet has a post. If you are white you are either with an NGO or doing missionary work or a combination of both. The weather is hardly weather at all. It’s just perfect with a nice layer of humidity to help our skin recuperate from the dry Dutch climate. They tell us that the daily rain is welcome here because it tames the dust that would otherwise be floating everywhere.
We are in touch with several of our contacts here and have already postponed our first meeting with Martin O’Reilly from the microfinance program at Martyrs University. Its for the better however because he is going to bring along an IT colleague to join us when we meet.
When Jon sees something notable he taps me on the shoulder and says “blog.” We are planning to share as much as we can here, but we have already experienced the limitations of the internet. Jon got halfway through uploading a video to post and the electricity went off in Kampala. I saved my text to the desktop and we went across town to the market. When we saw the signs were illuminated again we came back and now I’m ready to try again. We are both excited to communicate so we will try to post as often as is Ugandanly possible.


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