Thursday, May 04, 2006

This is my life! Kampala life! Uganda life!

Last night there was a full bill hip hop extravaganza. The hip hop ambassador of Uganda performed before we saw the main event, GAZZA from Namibia, a five guy troupe with dance routines, two flava flavs, and a power outage. We danced until we were sticky.
Today is a full work day. Business cards are being printed as I type. The technology that we bought is working out well. The printer was very impressed with the external hard drive and wanted to make an order with us. My Mp\P3 Player is working out very well for interviews. No one seems to mind being recorded which is great because it frees mean Jon up from having to madly scribble down notes.
Mulo had mentioned that Martin would be a great contact here in Kampala and indeed he was. Our contact list doubled in size and he brought along Edwin and Julius from Voyage Online Limited. I think these contact will help us to fill up the empty period in our schedule for early June. Today marks the day when we have thus far met with one member from the government, academia, the private business sector and a KIVA partner. If the response thus far is an indication of what we can expect during our time here then me and Jon are going to be busy and well supported.
Arsenal vs. Barcelona May 17th. Arsenal supporters and paraphernalia are everywhere here so Jon and I are going to have to represent a tope!


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