Friday, May 05, 2006

Joder Jon!!!!!

Hey everybody! Sorry if you tried to call us last night and couldn't reach us.
Jon and I shared a boda boda to head across town to have dinner with Brita and Ian. We got split up from them in transit and found them waiting for us in the parking lot. Jon realized then that his cellphone was missing. OUR cellphone! This is the phone number that we had just printed on 100 business cards earlier that day, and the phone where Jon had his Dutch and Spanish SIM cards stored. We gave the phone a call and reached Alex who told us that he found the phone on the road when he stepped on it and would keep it for us until tomorrow. He was busy with chores at home and told us to meet him at the hotel where he was a security guard. Jon met him early and they agreed on a reward, half of his tuition fees for the year. After the meeting Jon went over to the textiles district not far away and had zippers added to the pockets of his jacket.


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