Thursday, July 27, 2006

#20 Jeremy Frazao

Jon picked up a book from the Microsoft conference that featured the greatest programmers of all time. I think that it is a bit biased but nevertheless we are doing our best to confirm Jeremy the #20 spot. He is developing an application based on the results of our research that will allow the credit officers to send journal updates from the field after they make visits to the borrowers. We are calling it the Miracle Mobile Solution. Blogger is already allowing its users to do this but only from within the US. Although that feature is very exciting for the avid on the go blogger the feature seems custom made for the needs of the credit officer who needs to overcome crippling infrastructure issues. The phones that we saw were always powered, which was a sharp contrast from the one day off one day on power situation. Secondly, access to the internet can be an all day affair. What the MMS does is create a channel for uploading content to the web through the mobile phone without paying to go to the internet, which is roughly 10 times as expensive.

Jeremy will go down as the guy who opened up Multimedia messaging (MMS) to the masses. From the little I understand about coding it looks like its a job of rearranging existing chunks of code that are built to accomplish certain tasks into a new permutation that accomplishes a new task. All that is done within an architecture that puts certain additional constraints on the arrangement. Jeremy?

The MMS consists of two parts, the text and a second medium; audio, photo, video. At the moment the text has been resolved but the image is being a bit stubborn. Whether we get the image to appear in the journal space or not we can still test and gather plenty of results during August. So now its time to create the plan for testing so that we can prove without a doubt that what we have developed is more than just a Mediocre Mobile Solution.


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