Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I was in charge of dinner last night and on the way home from town I stopped off to pick up vegetables and chicken. I had only seen large sides of beef in the stalls nearby so I asked about chicken and they pointed to a stack of cages. I chose one of the chickens and then waited 5 minutes for it to be prepared. Not much meat on a Ugandan chicken once its all said and done. It was the freshest chicken Ive ever had in my life but something went wrong. I made teriyaki chicken with the parts and when it hit the table the fight began to pull the meat off of the bone. it was extremely tough meat. Tougher than usual. I dont know whether you need to let the meat sit for a few hours or a day before cooking it or whether I just botched the job.

It reminded me of having a fresh presentation of a fresh idea for the crowd at Uganda Martyrs University and after serving it up getting torn limb from limb. Some of our other recent meetings have been equally tough. Tough love in some cases.

Microcredit is a contentious issue and we are hearing about the larger issues that are being faced in the industry. One contact very adamantly pushed for the integration of other banking services into the offering of many microcredit institutions. There is quite a lot of profit being made of loans that is not leading to more stable economic situations for those who are loaning. A cultural of financial planning needs to be encouraged. A second contact gave us some the confirmation we needed to test out a concept that we have been thinking about.

We went to the MTN business solutions office and had our phone equipped to handle sending MMS and then sent a file with 1000 characters and a photo to Carl’s email address . We are still waiting to get confirmation that he received it and hear about the quality of the image. It may be a reliable solution for sending in Kiva profiles and journals from the field in order to save on travel costs and time.


Blogger Nathan said...

loans through banks & regular institutions?

or are these loans through microsoft?

9:09 PM  
Blogger Carl said...

I don't think I've eaten a chicken here which didn't fight back.

3:43 AM  

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