Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hakuna matata = No problem

We wrapped up work with WEEC on Monday with a long brainstorm that was quite taxing. It is the second time that we have run the final brainstorm and after modifications made since the first time we tried it we feel like the results were much stronger. Better phrased questions and a clearer target helped us out considerably, but a much larger group than the first time prolonged each stage. Afterwards Jon used the Spanish phrase for third time is a charm, "la tercera bala vencida" so apparently its universally accepted that brainstorming with Life in Africa is going to be the "just right" bowl of porriage for us.

We woke up Tuesday at 5am to make the 7:30am bus out of Nairobi but didn't leave until 8:30am. Jon pushed for a stop in Nakuru to take a short trip through the national park there and break up the day long bus trip. We hired a taxi to take us through and just 10 minutes outside of the town we were within dying distance of a rhino and a cape buffalo. I'm sure that a wildboar, zebra, gazelle, antelope, baboon, flock of flamingos, etc could have also killed us but there wasn't quite as much fear in the car upon seeing those. The taxi was a Datsun 120y from the early 70's. Our driver claimed "old is gold" and wasn't worried about blazing his own trail across the plains. We laughed that there was going to be quite a fight between the three of us for the one loose window crank in the car when we spotted a lion and tried to roll up the windows.

Rowland picked us up in Kisumu after the second leg of the journey. EasyCoach is the preferred company to use for this trip. Their motto is, "Experience dignity!" By the time we arrived we were so dignified it hurt. We don't hold Easycoach responsible though because there can be no smooth passage over this road. Making fresh tracks across the park in the Datsun was comparibly much smoother.

Today we are training Rowland on the Kiva website and have already clocked an hour with only one journal entry and two repayments made thus far, and Rowland types quite fast!

We will be in Kampala by sunset. It feels like going home.


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