Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In this corner of Kampala

The first question that Sebbie (top left) asked me was, "Where are you from?" The second question was, "Are you fit?"
After I found out that he was a boxer I asked him where he trained and if I could come watch. He told me to meet him where we were standing at 10:00am the following day and he would take me. I showed up and together with his friend Obie Twice we walked across town through the labyrinth of Oweno market then outside of town out past the scrap sellers. There was a nasty looking dark cloud in the sky and I asked if we would make it without getting caught in the rain. He assured me that we would. When we finally cut back between two small woodplank shacks into an open courtyard with a long one story concrete church the cloud was above us. The steps were filled with a dozen guys who headed inside when Sebbie arrived into a large room with a stage. Once we were just inside the rain came down hard for an hour. Training went on just as long before Obie came over to tell me that he was in terrible shape and he had a fight soon. I thought I would get a picture of him and asked the trainer ("the iron bomber") if he would mind. I told him it would be good to have for the poster. Once I had taken Obie's photo the other members of the club trickled over to pose as well and in the end I had shot everyone. The trainer then introduced me to another club's trainer who asked me about my availabiltiy the following day. Jon and I were leaving but I set up an appointment for the end of the month. Sebbie invited me to attend a big fight in Kampala with his club once when we get back. Can't wait.


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