Sunday, May 14, 2006

Running on fumes

We are living our lives around batteries and chargers here. It takes our collective foresight to plan for enough battery power to battle with the grid power inconsistencies. Although its time that Jon and I start to consider all of our gadgets as team items we are still more than happy to blame each other for failing to keep cameras, cellphones and laptops well charged. Its hard to adapt to planning well in advance. The cell phone may have a days charge left but if we let it run out we often enter a 24 hour period without power. We have quite a stockpile of rechargable batteries which helps to power cameras but its the internal batteries that kill us. I'm going to be the guy who wont listen to your battery complaints when I get back, if you have them. I will tell you think about the children in Uganda who own cellphones and what they face on a daily basis.
On another note yesterday I ate a chipati and bean lunch before our hike for 20 cents. Which is cheap by Ugandan standards. I took a photo of the meal with my $200+ camera. It crossed my mind that I could print out the photo 1000 times and hand them out as meal tickets and then sell the phone to pay for the food, but then i had to consider the blog content. For each picture I post I save 1000 words.
I wrote this originally in gmail and sent it to myself then copied it here and anticipated adding a beans photo but I realize that I havent downloaded the photo from my camera so for now just imagine. I added this part by lantern light and now its time for bed.


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