Wednesday, August 09, 2006

intocontext invites you to join their new 'hotblog'

So in the same way that the multi-media message service (MMS) is supposed to help the Kiva partners post journals to the Kiva site without power and connectivity issues, we are going to try it ourselves with this blog. We will continue to post when the conditions are favorable but when they aren't we have created a new blog format. Blogger is allowing posts to be made via MMS but the service doesnt extend outside of the US so I established a new hotmail account and access to the account is listed below. We will be sending blog entries to this email where you will be able to read them.

username: intocontext
password: hotblog

When we left East Africa at the end of July one of the service providers was charging 300 Uganda shillings for the service, about 15 cents. Now that we are back we learned that another provider seems to be running a bit of a pilot on the service and is offering to send the messages FREE of charge. To Jon and I that sounds like a dare. I haven't run a check on this new blog system but I will send the first blog soon. I'm hoping to fill up that account. We will see with what consistency they actually arrive to the address.


Blogger Luke said...

Sounds like an excellent idea - hope it works!

6:30 PM  
Blogger cale said...

ok we changed the username and password since i first posted. i dont know what i was thinking using miraclemobilesolution. Jon said who is going to type that? I said who is going to visit anyway. He said the test will be to see if any of the messages have been opened when we visit.

1:36 AM  

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